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Real Movers are your Adelaide Removal specialists. We can help transport your home or office contents anywhere in Australia. We can provide packing services, Piano & Antique Moving Services

Our Moving Teams are experts at moving large and heavy objects with the utmost care. You will love the moving experience when you choose Real Movers to assist with your relocation process. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to provide a 24/7 service. With last-minute callouts also available. We are able still to provide a top-notch Adelaide Removals’ service that will leave you smiling.

Simply complete the quote form on this page or call us on 0426 041 442. To request a quote from one of our expert movers and get your relocation process started today

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    Adelaide Removalist Services

    Office Reloation

    We’ve got all the supplies for your comfortable move

    Moving Protection

    We pack for people every day, so we’re quick and careful

    Plano & Antlque Movers

    We pay attention to detail, so our trucks are spotless

    Loading & Unloading

    We are professionals and handle your stuff with care

    24/7 Availability

    Real Movers offer a 24/7 availability. Give us a call anytime to arrange your removal at any hour of the day. last minute removals are one of our specialties. We have one of our main offices located in Adelaide. Our professional team can take care of packing so that your items are boxed properly and securely. You can also take out optional insurance for peace of mind. Real Movers are the Adelaide Removals of choice for thousands of South Australians, why not choose us too?

    Real Movers — Helping You Pack, Move, and
    Relocate With Ease

    We are Adelaide expert revivalists, here’s why…

    Real Movers comprises the best professional revivalists who are always on their toes to assist individuals, groups, families, and offices relocate safely anywhere in or across Adelaide. People trust us because we deliver what we say — we’ve market competitive rates, insurance coverage for your belongings, and facilities that you will fail to find anywhere in the whole world.

    Although our main office is located in Adelaide, we offer our services to all the cities of Australia whether they’re urban, rural, or suburban areas.

    It doesn’t matter, if you are moving down the street, next lane, or across town — we have the tools, trucks, and experts you need to get the job done in a simplified and fast manner.

    Intrastate or interstate moves, we take care of everything.

    Customer Service is Our Top Priority…

    We have policies in place to make every experience exceptional and like never before. Being Australia’s number one revivalists, we have expert strategies and tailored plans to make sure that your couch, sofa, piano, furniture, appliances, jewelry, and all your belongings are well-protected from the moment of packing, loading, moving, arrival, and unloading.

    If you need to ask anything, our representatives are 24/7 present at your service. Ask questions, give feedback or suggestions, get a quote, and do much more by just emailing us or ringing us.

    If you’re still wondering what makes us so special, keep reading as we explain and help you understand everything …

    We have all the essential tools and equipment needed during the relocation process. As such, blankets, trolleys, trucks, moving boxes, straps, and everything else to get this job done in a simplified manner.

    If you have things and furniture that needs to be dismantled, we also have skilled people and tools that will help you move anything from one place to another. Whether you want to take out your cupboards, bed, or shelves — we’ll screw and unscrew everything for you!

    Nobody would deny the fact that relocation anywhere in Australia is a pain in the neck. However, we’re here to take the matters in our hands and make it one less of your problems.

    Let’s learn some more about what’s on offer:

    -Furniture Removals

    -Piano Removals

    -Antique Removals

    -Office Removals

    -Pre-Packing Services

    -Storage Service

    -Moving Boxes & Boxes Protection

    -Packaging Materials

    Customers Are Talking

    They were great. The manager in the office was very attentive and responsive before and during the move. The movers were polite and punctual.
    Marci Moreno
    Let me thank Real Movers and the team who moved us last month for their excellent service. They were polite, and communicated well with me.
    Lidia Donahhue
    We decided to use Real Movers, and we’re so glad we did. They made the move as quick and painless as we could have even imagined. Thank you.
    Brenton pace