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Choosing a moving company

Moving Tips / February 5, 2020

Choosing a Removalist to move your home.

Choosing a Adelaide moving company to help transport your possessions and valuables can be a daunting task. With so many different options available at different price points. It can be hard to know how much you should be paying to ensure that your belongings are being transported by professionals. At both ends of the spectrum you could be either paying for a one man show that doesn’t have the experience of working in the industry for decades. On the other end of the pricing you could end up over paying for a service that isn’t any better than most of your options. This article written by our team at Real Movers Adelaide will give you a few hints and tricks to know about when you are looking to hire a removals.

Ask What Services Are Avaliable

Some moving company’s will expect you to have everything boxed up and ready to go on moving day. Real Movers offers a wide range of extra services to help make your move a pleasant and exciting one. Our team members are more than happy to package up all of your personal belongings ready for the big move. We also have a full storage facility and provide a complete cleaning service to real estate standards.

A Proven Track Record is Everything

Especially when you are looking for an interstate removals. It is important to look for a professional that has been well established in the industry for many years. This proven track record will show that the company is in the industry for the long-run. That they aren’t just after making a short term profit and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Always take a look at the moving company’s reviews on multiple websites such as on Google and Facebook. Reviews on these platforms cannot be custom curated to only show positive reviews. whereas on a company’s own website, they can make the reviews say whatever they want it to be.
Just in-case you were wondering. Real Movers Adelaide Revivalists have been in the transportation industry since 1984!

Easy Quoting

Some more professional moving companies will give you the ability to fill out an inventory form for the most accurate quote. An inventory form is basically a form that you fill out which calculates the truck space required for your move. This makes pricing flat rate moves extremely simple. Real Movers Removals Adelaide have gone the extra step to make this even easier! you can fill out our inventory form while on your phone. Just visit .

Beware of Extremely Cheap Removalists

Even if you are just looking for a local removalist. you may only need just a van to move your rental or appartment. There are a lot of cheap flat rate removalists that will try to move your belongings as quickly as possible. so that the removalist can get through as many jobs as they can in one day. These cheap removalists, often not a propper company. Can sometimes lead to items not being secured properly with addeqate protection blankets from other items in the van.

Real Movers, Your Most Trusted Moving Company

At Real Movers, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction and the care we take when we move others valuables. We like to go above and beyond our customers expectations and provide a full removals service. We even offer a full packing and cleaning service. This ensures your property/rental is left in Real Estate standard. With a main office in Adelaide and a second office in Sydney coming in 2020. Real Movers is able to surpass your expectations of what a moving company can deliver. Our fleet of vehicles has seven trucks, one van, three cars, suitable to meet any need of our customers.