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The Perfect House Moving Checklist

Moving Tips March 5, 2020

House Removals Checklist

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will go through in your life besides planning a wedding. Moving can also be a smooth experience when you choose the correct moving company. Real Movers is an Adelaide moving company with offices popping up all over Australia later this year. We have been experts in the removals industry for over 27 years and have been through it all alongside our customers. We can offer a complete service including packing and cleaning to realestate standards. One of our removals experts will consult and guide you through your entire moving proccess. We understand there sometimes can be last mintue changes to your needs, we will always try our best to be as flexible and accomodating as possible. Even if you don’t wish to use Real Movers for your next move. We hope you find our moving checklist and our invetory list helpful in planning your move.

1. Find a Removalist

Choosing the correct removalist is one of the best ways to ensuring that your next big move is a pleasent one. Luckily we have written an article about choosing a moving company here. To summarise our that article. It is important to be aware of some of the ultra cheap removalists. These cheap removal companies can sometimes end up being just one guy and his mates with a truck. As with all things you get what you pay for. It can be especially woth paying that bit extra for the peace of mind of having a proffessional moving company.

2. Collect Packing Boxes and Packing Materials

If you are planning to pack up your personal belongings yourself. Early is always better when it comes to getting boxes and packaging material. You can quite easily pickup free boxes from local shops or on sites like Facebook Marketplace. Gumtree is also another greatb website for picking up cheap or even free moving boxes. Real Movers does also offer a complete packing service if you would like the whole moving service to be taken care of for you. Our packing service is also a great option if you are planning a move for an elderly family member and they need that extra bit of help.

3. Plan How Your Pets Will Be Taken To Your New Home

This can be as imple as decidinmg to take your pets with you in the car on the day that yopu move but it is important to give it some thought before the big day. Movig house on the big day can be just as stressful for your pets as it is for you. If possible it is ideal to have your pets stay at a friends on the day of the move. With people constantly going in and out of your property on the day of the move there is always the possibility that a dog might escape. This risk is worsened by the stress of the move. It is always a good idea to let the moving company ahead of time if there will be animals onsite on moving day.

4. Organise Storage if Needed

If there is going to be sometime before the day when you move into your new home. You may need to take out short-term storage if you do not have anywhere to store your belongings. We do offer a storage location near our adelaide depot for our removal customers if needed. If you are staying with friends or family while you wait to move into your new home. You can have your items stored in compact boxes while you stay with them and then get your moving company to transport the items the rest of the way.

5. Start having a Clean Out of Thing You No Longer Want

Going through all of your belongings and decluttering can be one of the toughest parts of the move. This is especially true if you have collected a lot of different “stuff” over the years. Moving is the perfect time to go full Marie Kondo and get rid of all the unessecary bits and bobs in your house. Our customers like to make a few differen piles of thing when they declutter. One for rubbish/ recycling and another pile for things they would like to give away to either directly to a new home or to an op shop. You will be amazed at how freeing it is once you get ridof all the old clutter and are able to start with a fresh slate at your new house.

6. Collate Important Documents

Before you start packing everything away. It is a great idea to collate all imporant documents together in two seperate piles. One pile for any documents relevant to the new owners of your old house. This might be original house plans or any other deeds or history of the property. The second pile is for anything that you still need to hold onto when your are at new property. Lastly you can take this oppourtunity to get rid of any old and unnessecary documents that you do not need any more.

7. Start Packing Less Important Items in The Weeks Prior To Your Move

Anything that you can get done earlier in the moving proccess is going to make moving day significantly less stressful. While you are going through your belongings is the perfect oppourtunity to start packing at the same time. You will quickly make a dent in a potentially overwhelming move.

8. Bonus Tip. Create a Inventory Sheet of All Your Belongings

Especially if you have a double story house or a lot of belongings, having a inventory sheet can make unpacking a breeze. On your inventory sheet you should sort all of your items into different caterogies or rooms. i.e bedroom and/or electrical. And then on the sheet mark which box the item is stored in. We have an inventory calculator on our website which will allow you to calculate approximately the truck space required to move. This can be extremely useful when asking for quotes from different moving companies.

9. Start Dissmantling Furntiture Right Before Moving Day

This is another tip that will make moving day easier and potentially save you money. If your removalists have to also dismantle furntiure this will taking longer to load the truck. Most removalists charge on a per hour basis so by cutting down the amount of work they have to do will end up saving you money.

10. Post Move Cleaning

You will most likely need to have your old property cleaned up after your move. Real movers can take care of this and organise a cleaner to come in and clean up your old property to real estate standards.

We hope our article has given you some helpful tips to keep in mind for your next house removal. Please consider using Real Movers the next time you are looking to hire a moving company to assist you with your next move. We pride ourselves on ourt quality adelaide house moving service. If you are looking to move interstate we can also assist you with that too.